Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arcanamals?

Arcanamals is a narrative-driven, turn-based RPG centered on exploration. Journey across two parallel worlds and restore balance to a corrupt world.

What is the combat system?

We leverage a turn battle system, however, you can level up in many ways such as: exploration, learning lore, quests, and fishing!

How can I play the game?

You can play the demo on Steam here

Or on here

What platforms will Arcanamals be available on?

The game will release on Windows and Nintendo Switch! After those two initial ports, we will work on Playstation and Xbox.

What is the official release date?

We don’t have an official release date yet. Sign up for our newsletter to get more information on our progress!

Can I play test/stream your game?

We would absolutely love that! Join our Discord for more information!

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