The world is on the brink of destruction...

With each nation at war, General Mast, with the help of his shadow army

is taking over the realm of Lanthos.


Explore two parallel worlds: one human, one arcanamal.

Level up in many ways: Gain experience through turn based combat, exploration, quests and much more!

Open World Abilities: Each character has a unique open world ability, such as Phroak with his tongue lash!

Save Arcanamals: Help cure the corruption that is taking over both worlds.

Grinding is optional: Enemies are in the open world so you can dodge them!

Nostalgia Fueled Soundtrack: composed by Juan Schmulenson!

20+ Playable Characters: A mix of humans and arcanamals! Each having their own unique abilities!


About Us

Aloha! We are Hungry Potato Games, a Native Hawaiian video game studio based in Honolulu, HI. Founded by brothers Austin and Anthony Chong Tim, our mission is to create games and teach others how to do so as well!

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